What yarn do we use for knitting

We, comfyhomeshop.com,  currently offers 100% Natural Merino wool from Australian merino sheep together with a chenille yarn that is 100% made with Polyester. Let's see what is the difference between them.

Merino wool is a super chunky unspun yarn from Australian Merino sheep. This wool is super soft, fine and very gentle. But it tends to shedding and pilling when used. What is absolutely normal! All merino wool products are made for decorative purposes, the more it is used, the faster the fiber will get old.

Pilling is normal and very common to all merino wool products.

I do some slightly felting of Merino wool yarn before kniting, that makes the fiber less likely to come away. Pilling occurs even when yarn was felted, and that's all due to the nature of merino wool yarn. If you don't like that natural pilling or shedding look trim it off with a sharp scissors or just tease the fly-aways with hands. Dry Cleaning will help to get rid of pilling too. Your blanket will become less shedding, more durable but harder and not that soft.

Care instruction will be send together with your order. Normally the blanket stops shedding after the first gentle wash or dry clean.

Chenille Yarn is a great alternative when you don't want to care much about pilling or shedding situation. It looks super bulky but it is still super soft and fluffy. Chenille products could be hand wash or delicate machine wash.

I hope this information was helpful for you to understand the difference between the yarn my blankets and home decor accessories are made of.

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